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How it all began ...

Once upon a time in Saalbach Hinterglemm:

Don't worry, we don't want to tell you fairy tales now! But we go back a few years, when Fly´n Soul was founded by Florian Hasenauer. From the idea to the realization, it was a long way with many ascents and descents/ up and downs. 

From today's point of view, however, it was definitely worth it and we are really proud of how Fly´n Soul has developed so positively in recent years. 

Paragliding was and still is a great passion of Flo. Then it was not surprising that he tried pretty much everything, that you can try if you hang on a paraglider. Eventually, after a few years, the interest in tandem flying was added. 

And so, the story begins ....

2009: At that time, the Wildschönau was the hotspot for tandem flying with countless tandem pilots from all over Europe. In spite of all this, you had to earn your money and the tandem flights. Rather frequently, some pilots drove hundreds of kilometres by car, only to make at least one tandem flight at the end of the day - and there they were happy about it!

That was a tough test for everyone back then. 

 2012: From the Wildschönau Flo went on to Kössen for tandem flying but also to have some alone-time with his paraglider - always looking for the one or the other termic bubble and new sporting challenge. 

In addition to tandem and paragliding, Flo has also worked on the development of various Paragliders and flight equipment. 

When the weather is nice, Flo flies high - in case of bad weather he set up wooden furniture - to sell and buy

2013: Flo had a very formative period of his life in Salzburg, where he joined EAT THE BALL , to which he still maintains a very close and personal relationship. 


He and his then-friend and Red Bull athlete Hannes Arch were somewhat daring and with extreme projects on the road. Hannes told Flo again and again how important it is that you hav to pursue your dreams and never give them up. From then on it became clear quite quickly what Flo imagined for his future and which direction his path should lead. 

From then on it became clear for quite quickly what Flo imagined for his future and in which direction his path should go. 

2013: For the Lake of Charity in Saalbach Hinterglemm, Flo organized the first show flights with Acre Paragliders and base jumpers - of course, Flo was also part of the show. 

At that moment it was clear to him that he wanted to finally fulfil his dream of owning  a tandem paragliding company - 

So, it was finally time!

(And still today you can experience a really cool show every year at the legendary Lake of Charity)

Happy Birthday Fly´n Soul!

2014: The first months were a tough test but from year to year it went better and slowly Fly´n Soul settled down in Saalbach Hinterglemm. Daniel, our tandem pilot, was with us from the fist moment as a pilot and a good friend. Especially in the difficult times where not everything went right, Flo could always rely on Daniel. 

Snow-covered mountains or blooming alpine meadows - we fly in summer and winter here in Saalbach Hinterglemm and you will find more and more solo paragliders who have discovered the Glemmtal for themselves and are often uphill-downhill all day long. Most of the time, it just so happens at the end of the day, that we and our passengers sit back and relax in one of the numerous huts in the sunshine with a cold beer. 

Over the years, we have been able to inspire more and more passengers for our greatest passion, tandem flying. We are proud to be able to share this fascination and the freedom of flying with our loved ones and our customers always and with full commitment. 

Fly´n Soul is our programme = Fly with Soul

Again and again Fly´n Soul is involved in various projects, such as the video production of Fabiolous Escape 2 with the Austrian mountain bike pro Fabio Wibmer, which was shot here in Saalbach Hinterglemm in 2018. Together with the TVB Saalbach we were allowed to go up in the air with the bloggers at the Storybase or let off steam on show flights like the Dutchweek in Saalbach and at Gerlos.  

Fly´n Soul were hired for photoshoots for companies like Adidas, Ortema, Eat the Ball or 2117 of Sweden in Zillertal at the Hintertuxer Glacier. We continue to work closely with our partners and look forward to new projects and partnerships in the future.

The "flying advertising space" was created relatively quickly in cooperation with various companies, hotels and our aforementioned partners. The branded tandem paragliders with logos and lettering on them are real eye-catchers - not only in Saalbach Hinterglemm but also worldwide. 


You can find more about it here

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